MARYLINK Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the MARYLINK Affiliate Program!

We’re thrilled to have you join our journey. Below you’ll find the detailed terms and conditions of our affiliate program. By joining, you agree to these terms, designed to ensure a rewarding and transparent partnership.

1. Commission Structure

  • Affiliates will earn a 20% commission on all revenues generated from referrals. This includes earnings from subscriptions, extra modules, plans, and additional services.
  • Commissions are earned on all spending by referrals for an entire year, starting from their first purchase.

2. Cookie Duration

  • Our program uses a 30-day cookie policy. If a referred customer makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link, you are entitled to commission on that sale.
  • The cookie duration applies to the initial and all subsequent purchases made within the first year of the referral.

3. Products and Services Included

  • The affiliate program encompasses all MARYLINK offerings. This includes:
    • The initial starter subscription
    • Approximately 10 extra modules
    • 4 different subscription plans
    • 5 additional services

4. Payment Terms

  • Commissions are calculated at the end of each month.
  • Payments to affiliates are processed and disbursed at the end of the month for the previous month’s earnings.
  • Payments will be made through the payment method specified in your affiliate account settings.

5. Eligibility and Obligations

  • Affiliates are required to promote MARYLINK in a professional manner. This includes adherence to legal requirements and avoidance of any deceptive practices.
  • MARYLINK reserves the right to review and monitor affiliate activities to ensure compliance with our terms and ethical marketing practices.

6. Termination and Modification

  • Either party may terminate the affiliate agreement at any time with written notice.
  • MARYLINK reserves the right to modify any of the terms and conditions within this agreement at any time. Affiliates will be notified of any changes.

7. Limitation of Liability

  • MARYLINK will not be liable for indirect or accidental damages (loss of revenue, commissions) due to affiliate tracking failures, loss of database files, or any results of intents of harm to the Program and/or to our website(s).

8. Agreement Duration and Termination

  • This agreement will begin upon your acceptance as an affiliate and will end when terminated by either party.
  • If terminated, you must remove all affiliate links and cease all promotional activities immediately.

Joining the MARYLINK Affiliate Program

By submitting your application and by your use of the affiliate program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Welcome aboard, and here’s to a successful partnership with MARYLINK!